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About Country Scents Candles

Country Scents Candles is owned by power couple Naomi & David Myers and located in Shepherdsville KY. We have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to you. We are certified KY proud, FDA approved soy, and kosher certified- we only use the highest ingredients here at Country Scents Candles, and our wicks are all 100% cotton. We believe in offering the best ingredients to our customers at an affordable price. We hope you  enjoy our products as much as we do! Candles are our passion!


I’m back!!

Hello welcome to my Blog!!

I was away for some time and have abandoned my blog!! But I’M BACK!!! ☺ 

I was in the process of moving back to my home town and getting everything packed. I got everything packed and when I got back home I unpacked and got things settled. 

I am officially settled in and ready to continue sharing with you all my daily blogs. 
I am happy to be back!!!

As always,


Im still here 

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by!! I’ve been away for a while. We are in the process of moving so I’ve been really busy packing our things!! Just wanted to let you know that im very good and we are moving back to our home town. yay!!! So I am going to continue unpacking!!! See you soon!!



Avon business

Hello and welcome to my blog!! Many of you know I have become an Avon representative. Business for me is not going so well. So I am writing this blog to see if any one can give me tips of what I can do to boost my business up! I would highly appreciate it and I love feedback!

Click here for My Avon page !! 

Thank you in advance!!



Day 17: List your highs & lows of this past year.

highs and lows

Hello welcome to my blog! Today’s topic is to list my highs and lows of this past year. I’ve had a great year but in that great year I’ve also had some down falls… So let’s get started..


  • I got married Jan. 2016
  • I had a daughter Feb. 2016
  • I celebrated my first Mother’s Day
  • We celebrated dad’s first Father’s Day
  • Took daughter to Coca Cola World in Atlanta June 26
  • Celebrated our daughter’s first 4th of July and didn’t even cry!!
  • Took my husband and daughter to their first trip to Zoo Atlanta
  • Went to a Braves game. (First time for husband and daughter)
  • Celebrated daughter’s first Thanksgiving
  • Celebrated daughter’s first Christmas


  • Moved to Florida

This is honestly how I feel my highs and lows were this past year. I don’t really have any lows because this past year was filled with Blessings. All this past year I got to see how much changes and how quick your children grow. Moving to Florida was a big down fall for me. I had to move away from family and friends. It was all for a good purpose, but, it was sad. I didn’t know anyone in Florida so I felt lonely… But I’m glad everything got better. Thanks for reading. Till next time! 🙂