Day 17: List your highs & lows of this past year.

highs and lows

Hello welcome to my blog! Today’s topic is to list my highs and lows of this past year. I’ve had a great year but in that great year I’ve also had some down falls… So let’s get started..


  • I got married Jan. 2016
  • I had a daughter Feb. 2016
  • I celebrated my first Mother’s Day
  • We celebrated dad’s first Father’s Day
  • Took daughter to Coca Cola World in Atlanta June 26
  • Celebrated our daughter’s first 4th of July and didn’t even cry!!
  • Took my husband and daughter to their first trip to Zoo Atlanta
  • Went to a Braves game. (First time for husband and daughter)
  • Celebrated daughter’s first Thanksgiving
  • Celebrated daughter’s first Christmas


  • Moved to Florida

This is honestly how I feel my highs and lows were this past year. I don’t really have any lows because this past year was filled with Blessings. All this past year I got to see how much changes and how quick your children grow. Moving to Florida was a big down fall for me. I had to move away from family and friends. It was all for a good purpose, but, it was sad. I didn’t know anyone in Florida so I felt lonely… But I’m glad everything got better. Thanks for reading. Till next time! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day 17: List your highs & lows of this past year.”

  1. Glad you had so many highs, and only 1 low. But I think that that one low, counts a lot. Moving away from your family and friends is big, I hope you are already settled and that you have a great time with your daughter and husband in Florida!

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      1. Oh really? That’s so great to hear! Does your family live in Georgia? It’s so great that you are starting your own business. Let me know how it goes, if you have a lot of customers and so. I’m really curious about that and how that proces will go. I’m studying business economics so it’s really interesting to hear experiences from other business-people!

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